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Dr. Angela Campbell & Dr. Ray Woods


NW 7 Patient, 1,500 Grafts

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DSC00158_Before_Back.jpg (61425 bytes)
Before - Back
DSC00162_Before_Side.jpg (51873 bytes)
Before - Side
DSC00172_Before_Front_Closer.jpg (55411 bytes)
Before - Front
DSC00179_Before_Front.jpg (55579 bytes)
Before - Front
P1010038_After24months_fullface.jpg (15683 bytes)
Post op - 24 mo
Full Face
P1010039_After_24months_Front.jpg (17433 bytes)
Post op - 24 mo
P1010040_After24months_head_down.jpg (18037 bytes)
Post op - 24 mo
Head Down
P1010042_After_24months_headdown_full.jpg (20226 bytes)
Post op - 24 mo
Head Down
P1010043_After24months_Left_Fullface.jpg (18394 bytes)
Post op - 24 mo
Full Face, Left 
P1010047_After_24months_Leftside.jpg (18429 bytes)
Post op - 24 mo
Left Side
P1010052_After_24months_righthead_down.jpg (16309 bytes)
Post op - 24 mo
Head Down
P1010053_After_24Months_Rightside.jpg (16271 bytes)
Post op - 24 mo
Right Side

Title:  Clarifying Photos shown on Farrel Mane's website

My name is Paul V and the attached “before” and recent “after” photos are of me.

I was a NW 7 and I saw Dr Ray Woods and Dr Angela Campbell in May 2001 and had three procedures comprising a total of 1500 grafts (ie. 3 procedures of 500 grafts each). 

At twenty (20) weeks after my surgery I visited Dr Woods at his beach-house clinic during which a series of “after” photos were taken of me in the presence of his New York attorney. Dr Woods asked me if he could use my “before” and “after” photos, and history, and present them to Farrell Mane. I agreed in good faith as it was my understanding that Farrell would use these photos in an honest and true context – that is:

1. I was a NW 7
2. The “after” photos were taken at only approx. 20 weeks following my surgery
3. The total number of grafts was only 1500

It is my understanding that Farrell was made totally aware of these facts.

I have recently seen my 20-week “after” photo on Farrel Mane's website and feel greatly dismayed, angered and disgusted at the way in which it was presented. The “before” photo and the above context was not presented and the way in which comment was invited and negative feedback not discouraged, I feel has left me exposed to open ridicule by the global public. The photo presented on Farrel Mane's website also shows enough of my upper face to enable recognition by the people who know me. Because I've been ridiculed I feel I have no option but to show my full face in true context.

Farrell’s claim in a thread associated with this 20-week “after” photo that it was taken at one (1) year following surgery is not the case as I understand that he was informed by Dr Woods that it was in fact taken at only 20 weeks following my surgery.

I presented these photos to Farrel Mane via Dr Woods (as I do again with these latest ones) in the above context with the expressed aim and intention of helping others in a similar situation as myself.

I went to Dr Woods as I believed that with my degree of baldness and lack of adequate donor site I had no other option available to me apart from shaving or close cutting and as I had tried that I was ready for a change in image. At first, Dr Woods was reluctant to accept me as a patient however, I persisted and on my second visit, he accepted my challenge to give it a go. Dr Woods made it clear that I was never going to have a full head of thick hair given my NW 7 condition however; his intention would be to frame my face and to give me a thin veneer of hair at the front. In this context the attached “after” photos are therefore a “work-in-progress” of which I am proud and happy.

Having seen my 20-week “after” photo and the associated comments on Farrel Mane's site, I feel that the way in which it was presented is a severe case of abuse and misuse of trust and privilege and I am outraged and extremely disappointed that my photo(s) were not shown in their true context as was the whole point of this exercise.

It is my understanding that Farrel Mane was in possession of the entire facts and the before photos however, chose not to provide them and thereby allowing further negative comments about me to continue. If Farrell Mane had made public the entire true facts at his disposal including my “before” photo there would be no issue.

 I gave Dr Ray Woods and Dr Angela Campbell my full permission to use any of my photos and my story in any way that will assist others in a similar situation as myself.

 Paul V

 PS. These after photos that I’ve posted today are taken after 24 months and approx. 5 haircuts. 

Link to my post in the forum


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