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Dr. Gho's hair transplant presentation at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, hair transplant conference in New York City 2003 

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World's Premiere Coverage !
The world's most anticipated news in surgical hair restoration advancements:
World's First Hair Multiplication Photo Goes Live On The Internet: Courtesy of 
Bazan Institute

courtesy of

SIT information request form now available online!

The following is provided courtesy of Bazan Institute

The Direction Issue

Direction is still a problem to solve. While the new hair will

attempt to exit the skin using a phototropic like pattern, in

some areas of the scalp (i.e. the very frontal hairline) this seems

inadequate, not fulfilling our aesthetic expectations. We have tracked

growth for 16 months and hair seems to "relax" and acquire some

of the surrounding hair characteristics. This is certainly not a P type

of problem but rather a T type of situation (where P stands for procedure

and T for technical or application inaccuracies). We trust it will be solved.

Some scientists have apparently solved that issue. Our institute is open

to suggestions on how to address this particular subject.

ex-SIT early growth (day 62)

exSIT day 062 (trial#mex093ma43yo-0.1oz)

In this image we see the early growth with some degree variations

and how far apart (one hair to another) the growth starts. This is

typical of first impregnation. As post-Op time pass, density starts to

improve but direction keeps hard to control. While it is not a "big"

issue (as most trialists are satisfied with direction) it is a technical

problem we are addressing in several distinct experimental protocols.

It may limit the hairline area impregnation, but the areas behind it

can very well be impregnated and reimpregnated with success.

For the top and back of the scalp, a small variation in angling is

actually a benefit giving naturalness, bulk and a denser look.

SIT information request form 
now available online

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